16th August sees the Jersey Surfboard Club hosting the first ever boxing night at the Watersplash in St Ouens Bay. 

The event has been organised to raise funds for the JSC to send the CI team to Azores this autumn to contest the European Surfing Championships.

The brainchild of Roley McMichael, the CI team manager, the event has finally been launched and, with the help of the local surfing community under various guises, is going to take place at the Splash in front of 300 fight fans all cheering on the friends and family. Mr McMichael said " I have basically borrowed the idea from Ben Murray's White Collar Boxing but taken it to the beach so the line up is almost 100% surfers with a footballer and a publican thrown in just to mix it up a bit".

The 12 boxers who have never officially had a boxing match before, are currently going through a rigorous training programme, devised by Chris McBurnie of Pisces, who takes the boxercise classes at the Carrefour Gym. He is honing their skills and raising their fitness levels so that they will peak just in time for fight night, which is just over 5 weeks away. McBurnie said “ Having worked at Surf Dive and Ski for 11 years I know the surfing community well. The fitness of the boxers competing is at a very high level. Boxing is a serious sport and the boys have taken on the technical side of sparring. The night is going to be a cracker”.

The venue, the Watersplash, has kindly been offered to the JSC free of charge by David Seymour, Managing Director of the Seymour Group whose son Freddie happens to be one of the 12 boxers on the card for the night. Mr Seymour said ‘ We are really looking forward to the Rumble. It’s a different way of raising funds for the The Jersey Surfboard Club but if we can help the Channel Island surfing team going to the Azores, we will “.

Following the boxing, there will be an after party downstairs hosted by local surfer, DJ and CI team member Sam George, supported by Ryan Herve and Steve Ferbrache both well known in both Jersey surfing and music scene.

Tickets for the boxing and party are available at £25 and there will be a limited amount of tickets for the after party only priced at £10. 

For all other info contact Roley McMichael


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