Day 4: Eurosurf Junior Games

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The sun is well and truly out on day 4 of competition....the surf, which despite dropping slightly remained in the fun 2ft range with perfect windless conditions.


Day 4 Eurosurf Junior Games, Morocco 2016


The sun is well and truly out on day 4 of competition....the surf, which despite dropping slightly remained in the fun 2ft range with perfect windless conditions. First up on podium 1 was the second repercharge round of U16 boys, and they made the most of the conditions, racking up high scores with dynamic and entertaining surfing. Iker Amatrian of Spain notched the highest heat total of the round with some impressive fluidity to his surfing, comfortably winning his heat.



Yael Pena of Spain again shone in the P2 of the U16 boys. Dropping massive scores which were testament to just how radical his surfing is for a surfer of his age. A heat total of 18.35 leaves no doubt to his talent, and was the highest heat total and his 9.5 was the highest single wave of the day The second round of repercharge for the U18 boys was also completed, with Belgium’s Dean Vandewalle standing out, his surfing was outstanding but he also showed maturity beyond his years to gain two good scores and then hold onto priority to see the heat out over an impressive Cieran Hughes (WAL).


The competition then moved onto P2 of the longboards. Jack Unsworth (ENG) was again outstanding, gaining three scores in the eight point range, mixing both progressive and traditional longboarding styles to move into the grand final, putting his opponents in a combination situation. The longboard was not without surprise however,  Joao Gama of Portugal, after surfing very well in his first round heat will now surf in the repercharge rounds if he is to reach the grand final. He was edged by Gus Brewer of the Channel Islands and Oihan Aizpuru representing Spain, who’s surfing both deserved the high totals they received.


With the surf increasing throughout the afternoon the U16 boys were put back in. The surf was pumping....solid 3ft sets marched into Anza and the boys duly tore them to pieces. The level of surfing was a pleasure to watch and was probably the standout round of competition so far.  Joao Vidal from Portugal put on an explosive show of surfing in an intense battle with an in form Yael Pena. The Portuguese deservedly coming out on top. His 8.07 to take first place had the beach upstanding in rapturous applause. Assad Harakat of Morocco was dominant in his heat, his surfing first rate, winning his heat over Salvador Couto (POR).

Ariane Ochoa of Spain and Francisca Veselko of Portugal then won their heats in P3 of the U18 girls, both making the most of the surf which had become the perfect canvas for them to show off their skills.


The last heats of the day were P3 of the U18 boys, and again the level of surfing was tremendous. The first heat of the round saw a super tight battle between Jonas Bachan of Austria, Ruben Vitoria of Spain and Boubker Bouaouda of Morocco. Less than a point separated all three, but it was Bachan who took the win with Vitoria edging the superb Bouaouda into the repercharge rounds. The final heat of the day was just as tight and equally entertaining. Luis Perloiro of Portugal edging compatriot Jacome Correia into second place by less than half a point.



Competition will resume tomorrow morning at 9am and can be followed via or alternatively the European Surfing Federation’s Facebook page. The ESF would also like to thank its sponsors, without whom this event could not take place....


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