Day 5: Eurosurf Junior Games

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Day 5 began with a slight chill in the air, but the sun remains out and the surf, despite a strong offshore tickling the face of the 3-4ft surf, was pumping.

Day 5: Eurosurf Junior Games Morocco 2016


Day 5 began with a slight chill in the air, but the sun remains out and the surf, despite a strong offshore tickling the face of the 3-4ft surf, was pumping. The swell direction had straightened out somewhat, coming from a more westerly direction....a direction that favours the peak in front of the judges tower on podium 1 creating a first rate platform for the surfers to compete and showcase their talents. First up were the U16 bodyboards. Miguel Ferreira (POR) displayed superb wave selection, only catching two waves in his heat but both were scores in the 6 point range, enough to comfortably win the heat. The U18 bodyboards were next up. Abderrahmane Berrouan of Morocco demonstrated a dynamic display of bodyboarding to advance in first place and continue the Moroccan, Portuguese and Spanish rivalry within the division.




For the rest of the day only the sudden death repercharge heats would run. The longboard saw Joao Gama (POR) dominate his heat, The progressive style of his surfing suiting the rippable right handers at Anza. Medhi Oudani of Morocco won the other heat of the round.


The U18 boys suited up next and were in there. And after yesterdays display expectations were through the roof, naturally they didn’t disappoint. Lander Davila (SPN) excelled and if there were any nerves from surfing without the safety net of the repercharge you couldn’t tell. Racking up a 15 plus points total to move on. Dean Vandewalle of Belgium was also superb and both move on to repercharge 4 along with Abdelhanine Dribki (MOR) and Cristian Portelli (SWE).


The girls were next up, by this time the wind had almost completely died and the surf pumped. Ellie Turner of England was clearly head and shoulders above everyone, amassing a two wave heat total more than twice that of any other surfer in this round. Her surfing seems to improve every time she hits the water, stylish and powerful whilst still remaining a feminine grace that makes her surfing a pleasure to watch.


The U14 and U16 repercharge heats followed. With Will Masterman (CHI) and Dean Vanderwalle (BEL) winning their U14 heats, and Jam Van der Valk (HOL) Guilherme Ribeiro (POR) finishing second to advance in second place respectively. In the U16 division, Iker Amatrian (SPN) continued to impress in an excellent battle with Sweden’s Cristian Portelli. Both amassed two wave heat totals over 15 points, but eventually it was Amatrian’s low down, explosive backhand approach that came out on top. In the other heat it was the two Englishman of Fynnlee Miller and Kit Innes who progressed.


To round the day out it was the 3rd repercharge round of girls U18 and 4th of the U18 boys who hit the lineup. Ellie Turner (ENG) in the first heat again exhibited her outrageous talent, her high score of 8.33 was one of the waves of the day and drew gasps and applause in equal measure from the now packed beach of spectators. On to the boys. In the first heat it was Boubker Bouaouda (MOR) who took the win, taking the perfect surf apart with radical surfing to claim a convincing win with Cristian Portelli (SWE) advancing in second place. The second heat was a see saw battle between Max Payne (WAL) and Abdelhanine Dribki (MOR) for second place behind the excellent Lander Davila of Spain. With Davila in the lead by a distance these two exchanged scores and it was ultimately Payne who held his nerve to gain a last minute score to advance.


The event will resume tomorrow morning at 9am and can be followed via or the European Surfing Federation Facebook page.


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