European Surfing Federation 

Mission Statement and Brief History

Our mission is to establish and maintain a EUROPEAN SURFING FEDERATION to promote the interests of surfing in all its forms throughout all the countries of Europe.

The ESF was formed in 1972,when surfing in Europe was still a new and undeveloped activity….when each Country was ‘going it alone’ in organising their National Surfing Championships…before communicating became so easy…before even videos of surfing were available never mind live webcasts. Then - as now - it was made up of representatives from its Member Nations, and was the amalgamation of all that early expertise and energy to organise and run the EUROPEAN SURFING CHAMPIONSHIPS, which it has done successfully from 1972 to the present day.

The role of the ESF has expanded to include encouraging the formation of a Surfing Association/Body in each European Country, to promote safety in surfing, and develop coaching and judging strategies and courses alongside its many European Titles and Surfing Tours.

The Championships – known as EUROSURF, was first run by Jersey in 1969, with only Men and Women Champions. It has now grown into Open and Junior Eurosurfs – held in successive years and includes age categories from Under 14, together with Bodyboards and Longboards. There is also a European Tour of Bodyboard –ETB , a European Tour of Longboard – ETL and a European Tour of Surfing – ETS all operating successfully. 2016  saw the introduction of a EuroSUP Championships which includes Surfing, Technical and Distance paddling events.