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Euro SUP

European Surfing Federation
The Objects

To establish and maintain a European federation to promote the interests of surfing in all its forms throughout all countries of Europe to which all recognised national surfing associations/bodies concerned with the sport of surf riding, surfing or its related activities may gain affiliation
To encourage the formation of national surfing associations/bodies in the individual countries to promote, co-ordinate and control the activities of organised surfing within their own countries.
To promote uniformity of laws of control and regulation of surfing and surf riding throughout Europe, by encouraging national surfing institutions, organisations and associations to adopt the ESF’s established laws, rules and standards.
To make and amend rules as appropriate for the conducting of surfing contests and other surfing events, programmes and commissioners in Europe.
To co-ordinate the international activities of national surfing associations and bodies providing a forum for arranging international contests and organising the European surfing calendar within the international rules and calendar.

Featured News

The most recent highlights from our News section.

We are stoked to announce that this year the European Surf Federation will be hosting the European Para Surfing Championship along with the Spanish Surf Federation.

 🌊 Portugal is the place to be for European surfing this year! Santa Cruz welcomes back the Eurosurf while Peniche offers its waves to the EuroSUP.

The Euromasters 2022 finished at the Surfest Las Americas 2022 festival in Tenerife.


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